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Matthew McConaughey: Hollywood's Smartest Blonde?

The former King of the Heartthrobs learns it's not easy being handsome—so here's how he's changing his career Read more »

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Director William Friedkin on his redneck thriller 'Killer Joe' and his tiff with Hitchcock

40 years after 'The Exorcist,' the 76-year-old filmmaker still shocks audiences Read more »

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Five-Minute Film Guide: Every Indie Film Opening July 27th

Because there's even funnier movies than Ben Stiller's latest Read more »

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Memo To Guy Pearce: Learn From Other Actors Who Switched To Action Films

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When Lunch Ladies Attack: Five More Wimpy Jobs Get a 'Premium Rush' Action Makeover

If a bike messenger can be a hero, why not a dental hygienist? Read more »

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The Next Big Screen Couple?

Date Night could turn the pairing of Steve Carell and Tina Fey into something audiences will want more of. Read more »

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The Smart Girl's Guide to Channing Tatum

Why he's more than just a six-pack of abs Read more »

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Studio Report Card: Warner Bros.

Thanks to a reliable teenage wizard, Warner Bros. was able to have yet another successful summer. Read more »

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Predicting 2009's Sleeper Hits

BOXOFFICE asked exhibition industry pros which films will be surprises at the box office this year. Read more »

Displaying all 9 results