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Frank Miller and When, Or When Not to Separate the Art From the Artist

The Comics legend and Co-Director of 'Sin City' has never been a cool guy, but has he crossed over into Mel Gibson Territory? Read more »

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News Flash: Artists Have Personal Flaws

Is an obtuse take on author (and briefly, actor) Kurt Vonnegut's private life evidence that we are infantilizing ourselves culturally? Read more »

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Swords + Sandals = So What?: A Look at the Lack of Enthusiasm for 'Gladiator' Imitators

Read more »

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UPDATED: 'Marley' Wins Holiday Weekend

According to Studio Weekend Estimates, Fox's Marley and Me has easily won the holiday weekend. Read more »

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'Spirit' Marketing Goes Back To School

Lionsgate has put a big chunk of its marketing campaign for The Spirit in the hands of art schools across the country. Read more »

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Costume Publicity: A Look at the Signifigance of Superhero Attire

One wrong decision can kill a new project's buzz Read more »

Displaying all 6 results